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We are not simply in the business of selling books, we want to understand your specific needs and make sure that we are able to match those needs with the correct educational materials.

We have a passion for learning and since we run our own alternative school we use the very same materials we sell. We have a deep knowledge of all of our workbooks and study materials.

We are more than just a provider of educational material. We go all out on making sure you are equipped. This includes resources, material, consultation and personalization.


“Karabo has been very helpful and is willing to go the extra mile. As the owner of a cottage school, I have found their Math and Science books to be of top notch quality. The books are very detailed, this is something I could not find with the other publishers. From now on, these will be the only books I will ever use for my Science and Math. I truly hope they get the Lower Secondary Level books. Stunning books indeed!” 

– B.T Mudadi

”Top Maths is a really good programme for IGCSE preparations. The IGCSE syllabus and Top Maths correlate really well. The nice thing about the Singapore approach is the use of models. It helps kids solve problems that would ordinarily require a background of algebra.”

 – Lucia Seleka

“I enquired about their primary curriculum books on their Facebook page. I got an answer within minutes. One of the consultants called me and answered all of my questions and made my decision quite easy. I asked for a quote, decided to order, paid the invoice amount and received my books all within 3 days. Quality service and the books are exactly what I was told they would be.” 
– Corien Roulstone
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