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Free consultations for homeschoolers including recommendations for high-quality Singapore and Cambridge-endorsed homeschooling books.

Your children deserve to be

  • Prepared for the real world
  • Treated with respect
  • Work in a stress-free environment
  • Able to make their own decisions
  • Able to set their own goals
  • And enabled to pursue their own goals

The world is changing so quickly – how many times will your child have to change careers? Your child should be able to unlearn and relearn independently. Empower your child to thrive in the world after school.

What difference will the homeschooling guidance and material make in your child’s life?

Your children will
  • Become more confident
  • Learn to set goals and achieve them
  • Teach themselves anything
  • Finish at their own pace
  • Become happier and creative

How does it work?

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Come for a meeting

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Get custom recommendations

Step 3

Your child has a better future


Our son Luqmaan was forced to embark on the Cambridge homeschooling journey as we moved to a city in Saudi Arabia that was unable to accommodate him. Needless to say, we were clueless and utterly confused regarding the requirements and regulations albeit using a service provider. The more we researched and spoke to others, the more confused and overwhelmed we became. A family member recommended we meet with Siraj Ghoor during our vacation to South Africa. He was most accommodating and he is highly knowledgeable regarding the Cambridge syllabus and requirements. He guided us step by step with regards to the selection of subjects, textbooks required, websites for learning and doing past papers, recommended tutors and especially regarding university requirements for students doing Cambridge. His valuable guidance especially during the IGCSE exams were highly appreciated and reassuring. We often have to turn to Siraj to get clarity on the new issues and concerns that arise.
Rooksana Moosa
The Bar Model is a theory that supports CPA, first concrete, second pictorial, and third abstract. As teachers and facilitators, we typically dive into the abstract elements of algebra. However, many of our students aren't able to comprehend this level of algebra. This is where bar models can be helpful. The Top Maths books have helped me bridge the gap between concrete and higher-order algebra. I have witnessed first-hand how the bar models have eased the confusion and furthered the understanding of algebraic concepts when working through word sums.
Cindy-Lee Thompson
Teacher, Open Minds Campus

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