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Siraj Ghoor
Educational Consultant and Principle, Open Minds Campus

A homeschool parent of multiple children, the principle of Open Minds Campus since 2016, unschooling and alternative education enthusiast.

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Every child deserves to be loved and is amazing
- Siraj Ghoor
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Child-Directed Education

What is it?

Students are part of the learning process. They share ideas and inquire and learn while being guided.

Difference between standard instruction

The standard in South Africa is for teachers to give and explain information, and for students to repeat it.

Which is better?

Child-directed learning has better long-term results although it might seem to progress slower at first.


What is it?

It can have several approaches such as Unschooling, and simply completing a curriculum from home.


Time management, knowledge of curriculum requirements, mentoring, and addressing barriers to learning.


Just as it is with all things, it is not the best approach for everyone. It is doable for everyone though. So, making sure you are doing it to the best of your abilities are important.


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We offer expert advice on various topics. The main focus is on homeschooling; providing skills, resources, and approaches to follow.

We also assist schools with finding resources and building curriculums.

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