Conquer Mathematics Book 5 – Measurements, Area, Volume

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Conquer Mathematics Book 5:

Measurements, Area, Volume is specifically designed to help students develop basic skills for solving questions about measurements, areas, and volumes.

This book contains 100 exercises consisting of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.The exercises are diagnostic in nature, and the solutions developed help studentsunderstand where they have made inadvertent mistakes.

review exercises are included as additional exercises. Answers are given for a quick self-assessment. The pages of the book are perforated so you can easily pull out each activity and use it as a worksheet for classroom or home study. In addition, teachers and students can select exercises to work on or as a rich working resource to complement the textbook.

Exercises help students develop their maths skills. This book is useful for all students whowant to learn and build basic maths skills.

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