Let’s Advance in English 2

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Let’s Advance in English is an entry-level English course designed according to modern curriculum requirements to help students improve their English proficiency.


Integrate the four skills of listening,speaking, reading, and writing – This course emphasizes the use of basic traditional grammar in a functional context. Six books cover all essential grammatical elements, are introduced step-by-step in each unique t, and are accompanied by panel notes explaining correct usage in a functional context.


Activities and Exercises  – Books Consider the functional use of grammatical topics in The training presents a four-skills integrated approach that combines traditional and functional grammar. While formal grammars provide learners with the terms they need to talk about grammar, available grammars aim to improve their proper use of the language in real-world situations.


Social Interaction – Throughout the course, students participate in pair-her work and group activities, class discussions, role-plays, and practical writing assignments. After completing the course, students can confidently take international English exams.

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