Reading Trophy Student Book 2 with CD & Test

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%%title%% and series are reading books. The focus is on comprehension skills. Suitable for ESL learners.

Reading Trophy Student Book 2 with CD & Test is perfect for Lower Primary and Upper Primary learners.

Reading Trophy is a series of non-fiction reading books full of magnetic stories and dashing photos and illustrations. It contains quality non-fiction passages.  Learners can expect to build academic background knowledge, master test-taking skills, and enhance reading comprehension skills. The primary focus is on improving reading comprehension skills with accompanying activities. Other key focuses include boosting listening, speaking, and writing skills to prepare for major standardized English ability tests.


The books in this series are suitable for English second language learners.


Activities include:

Words to Know
Listen and repeat, and preview the keywords used in the main text.

Answer the questions based on the photo and check the background knowledge.

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions, and get ready for the main text.

Read the story and listen to MP3.

Circle the Words
With the provided English definition as clues, find the keywords in the main text.

Check reading comprehension skills through questions.

Writing Project
Complete the summarized form of the main text in different forms of writing style.

Strengthen vocabulary skills through understanding the words with English definition and extended activities.

Test Prep
Prepare for tests with reading and speaking questions.

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